Redge Green is a riveting, professional, natural-born orator who leaves his audience eager for more. His dynamic delivery is rooted in a foundation of research and experience, which provides his listeners with accurate information that not only entertains but enlightens and empowers.

His oratory has become driven by excellence. Redge has spoken across the nation to youth and adults alike. When speaking to the youth, he discusses topics such as purpose, time management, respect, succeeding against the odds, and the importance of an education.  Few have left his dynamic delivery without being touched, desirous of personal change, or in awe of his wisdom.

Like many of our youth today, Redge experienced great obstacles in his life. At the age of six years old he was shot and paralyzed from the waist down during a fight between two neighbors in his hometown of Richmond, California. Two days following his fateful shooting injury, his father died of a drug overdose.

Almost immediately, he fought to circumvent lifelong stigmas that would commonly result from such tragedies and a disability. His strong character began to emerge even as a child. He became zealous for success. "To be somebody" was Redge's goal despite his circumstances. Many of today's youth seem to care little about success, but moreso for a fast dollar along with a shortened life. Each time Redge speaks he inspires youth and lets them know there is a better way besides the life of drugs and violence. Redge truly cares for our youth.

At an early age, he tried to find his purpose in life and the answer to many questions concerning friends, relationships, drugs, sexuality, and family. He found few answers to his questions back then. However, he has since found his purpose: to inspire, enlighten, encourage, share, and EMPOWER our youth across the nation. To encourage them to be the best they can be at all times. He advises our youth to get an education for it is the vehicle to get them everywhere.

During the course of his striving "to be somebody," Redge became a professional actor. His start came at the age of thirteen when he starred in a film entitled "Able To Do." That film paved the way for a series of film and television appearances such as guest appearances in "What's Happening Now," "Different Strokes," "Highway To Heaven," "Fall Guy," and "After M.A.S.H." Ultimately he landed the role of Li'l Chris in Columbia Pictures' hit movie "Boyz N The Hood" in 1991.

All of his accomplishments have helped to further his efforts to enlighten others about the abilities of the disabled community. And even more so now, his experiences are utilized in "empowering youth" and empowering those who work with youth with many secrets of success.