"After speaking to many elementary kids I began to speak to Jr. and Sr. high school students where I found my oratory success. I started sharing with them stories about my madness and they listened 100%, because I remembered how it was to be in their place. Remembering why I did the things I did took me far in understanding them. Also, the profound effect of the wisdom, principles and values that my role models had in my life helped me to realize how important it was to empower youth and youth careworkers across the nation...  I knew I could make a difference."
Redge Green


. "I am not sure if I have ever been moved so much by a single person in my life. Redge Green is truly one of the 'true role models' of our country. I was so moved by his story and his message that I just do not think that I will ever be the same after hearing him speak."

. "Redge uses this gift in such a way he is an inspiration to all who open their ears to it. His message comes through in such a way that children to the educated adults can hear his message. I believe that alone is a gift that if used to change peoples hearts it is a sure thing."

. "I witnessed personally the... moving experience that Redge has on the young people who got to hear his message. The girls were very moved by him, so much so, that when it was time to go one of the girls actually started to cry."

. "I was so excited to see that the girls were so open to Redge. For them to listen and take to heart what Redge said, without any biases, has truly moved me even further. Somehow ... Redge has a way of pulling out the love of others from even the hardest of hearts."

. "When Redge talked about the less fortunate people of the world in my heart I knew he did not mean himself. The less fortunate people of the world are those who can not get past the hate to love others."

. "I thought I was a pretty smart kid until I heard him speak. I never thought communication was the key to violence. He is right though. It all starts with the mouth. We kill everyday with our tongues, and then someone returns the killing with the gun."

. "I liked one of his closing statements the best. That statement was that lots of kids have the answer, we just don't listen or hear what they have to say. Isn't that the truth! We need to learn to listen to kids. So often we say that we should listen to the people who need our help because they know what they need the best of all. I think that we forget that special little rule when it comes to kids."

. "Redge touched on a couple of things that he did not get to in class. He was talking about the different faces a child has to put on. He said they are in the house talking to mom and dad and they have on clothes that fit, and they speak perfect grammar, but as soon as they step out they loosen the belt, and everything they say is slang. It was so funny, but so true. Some of the parents in the audience were looking at their kids, and the kids were just busting out."

. "I really enjoyed his class presentation, as well as the presentation in White Concert Hall. I think he inspired me to reach for my dreams because as he has proven you can do anything you want."

. "My reaction to Redge Green is a positive one. I thought he was very funny. To me he seemed to get his point across while being humorous. That to me is a very strong asset to have when doing public speaking. I liked the fact that he asked us if he was speaking too fast. That was very considerate."

. "He first came out mimicking the crying sounds of a newborn infant. He commented that this is how we all enter the world. We each have an assigned role here. As a newborn we need love, security, and attention. He talks about how most parents give these newborns enormous amounts of attention, which is good. As the child gets older, the amount of attention parents give decreases. This is so true. As children become more independent we often attend to them less, which is not always good."
. "He wanted to know how old we were when we could remember saying, "I love you" to our parents. People in the audience were like "24", "13", etc. He replied how would you like to be at a job working as hard as you can, always getting the same pay, and never getting thanks. This made the girls and myself really think."

. "I thought Redge Green was an excellent speaker. I really enjoyed listening to him. I think children and high school age kids would probably benefit a great deal from listening to Redge speak -- not only by the message he sends out but also by the way he sends it out. He joked around a lot and tried to add humor to very serious subjects, instead of making it sound so dry and boring."

. "I really enjoyed his show. He made the evening fun and made a point. He hit a lot of issues right on the money. First we need to love ourselves so then we can love others. To make a difference we need to start with ourselves. Exactly right, Redge."