Do you remember:
Who you dated?
If your parents were happy together?
Your first sexual experience?
Slow dancing at the school dance?
Your disappointments, discouragements and put downs?
Falling in love for the first time?
Your first heartbreak?
Disobeying your parents and getting in trouble?
Your first cigarette?
Convincing your friends to help you "scheme and sneak"?
Sneaking a friend into your room?
Getting drunk?
Telling that "bold-faced" lie?
Telling your friends secrets?
Your first fight or verbally injuring someone?
Cheating on your tests?
Can you remember when you were young, youthful, immature, childish, juvenile, green, unripe and wet behind the ears?

Can you remember when you were an

Topics for 11-year-old  to Mature Audiences:
=Don't Underestimate Your Company
=It's Not About Who, It's About What
=Daring to Step Outside the Box
=Do I have Purpose Anymore?
=Knowledge Brings It On!
=Recognizing the Potential in You
=Don't let Attractions Become Your Distraction
=How to Increase Your Memory By Deleting Some Of Your Past For a Successful Future.
=I Say Yes To Drugs But 'No!' To Drug Abuse
=You Can Never Say No, N-O, Unless You Know, K-N-O-W!
=Where Has the Passion Gone?
=Don't Lose Your Vision
=Pay Attention and Let's Spend Some Quality Time!

Topics for Elementary Students
=I'm Alive!
=Keep Dreaming (Because Mine Came True and Yours Can, Too)
=Don't Give Up!

Topics for Youth Service Providers
=Don't Lose your Vision
=Your hands may be Tied but your Mouth Isn't Taped Up!
=What To Do When The Passion Seems To Have Left
=Daring To Step Outside Your Title
=Don't Let Them Read You
=Subtract and Not Distract, and Attract!

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Redge Green welcomes opportunities to address:
Youth organizations
Elementary, junior and senior high schools
Church Organizations

Redge accomodates audience/assembly sizes from classrooms to thousands.
Time: Up to 3 hrs. per assembly (x2) per day.
Keynote address length -- will accomodate.